There is no need for a man to suffer from losing urine or bladder control after prostatectomy.  STOP the dribble of urine with THE EMSELLA® CHAIR.

Dr. Berenholz talks about male incontinence and describes a breakthrough treatment for stopping the leakage.

Listen to Patient Greg’s Experience with Emsella Chair. (Results vary for individual patients).

For the past seven years, there have been on average 90,000 prostatectomies performed annually in the United States. The majority of these prostatectomies are performed for prostate cancer and are usually life-saving. The remainder of the prostatectomies are performed for enlarged prostate or what we call benign prostatic hypertrophy. Approximately 75 to 80% of men have no incontinence after one year following a prostatectomy. During this time doctors urge their patients to perform Kegel exercises but unfortunately, most men find this difficult to do on a regular basis and are usually non-compliant. The remaining 15 to 25% of men who are postoperatively incontinent do not improve after one year.

These men suffer from a leakage of urine under a variety of circumstances. Some men who laugh, sneeze, cough, run, or jump will lose urine which is better known as stress incontinence. The remainder of the incontinent men have spontaneous loss of urine with an urge or just doing everyday chores and having what’s called an overt or overactive bladder.

These symptoms are devastating and men find themselves socially isolated from their partners and from their friends. They have to wear diapers or pads every day which is humiliating for them but unfortunately a necessity. These men do have limited surgical options such as a sling procedure. This is effective in a majority of cases but does not always last a long time.

The men who suffer from urge or overactive bladder can take medication which gives them some relief but unfortunately the side effects cause a high percentage of these men to be noncompliant. Finally, there is a surgical procedure involving a cuff inserted in the penis around the urethra with a pump in the scrotum to help control the loss of urine when there is an urge. This is known as an artificial urinary sphincter.  The choices for men are limited to these options.

However, now there is a new dynamic, and effective treatment with the use of the Emsella chair. This chair conveys high-intensity electromagnetic stimulation of the man’s pelvic floor or diaphragm and causes a series of supra maximal contractions totaling 11,200 events in a 28-minute session. These therapy sessions occur twice a week for three weeks.  We here at Emsella For Men have seen remarkable improvement in control over urine loss, a marked increase in urine flow and patients who had to get up five times a night either get up once or not at all during their sleep time. This enhances their general state of health and restores their confidence in themselves so that they can lead a more normal quality of life. Emsella seems to be the right therapy for these men at the right time. Give us a call at 248-865-0426 and see if you’re a candidate for Emsella


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